BreakOut Sessions

Communication Beyond Social Media:
Has social media impacted our ability to personally connect?  Turn texting to real talking.

Connecting & Effecting:
You are all relevant.  Let’s learn how to connect with each other.  Interactive lessons in connective communication.

A live performance in mental health; by teens – for teens.  

Bullying & Consequences:
What is bullying?  How does it harm or hurt?  What happens next if bullying occurs?

Relationships & Sex in the Media:
Does an ideal exist?  You are unique.  What is real and how to put it all into perspective.

Emotional Well-being: Mental Health & Substance Experimentation:
How are emotional well-being, mental health and substance experimentation connected?  How can that compare to an amusement park?  Here’s what you need to know to not get trapped inside the haunted house.

Meditation & Calming Techniques:
Stressed Out ??  Come to the mediation, aromatherapy and reflexology class.  You will learn three different types of mediation, which aromatherapy scent is best for you.   45 minutes of relaxation and de-stressing time.